your teams and leaders£

Achieve goals faster and together by creating a more connected, safe and innovative workplace.

A new approach
to learn and develop

GrowthLab21£ is a team of senior coaches who accelerate the development of individuals and teams, so they can achieve greater goals, faster, and together.

As change and complexity are increasing, we also need to improve our ability to learn and adapt at scale but still personalized.

What we do

We create group coaching experiences that set you on a new path to growth and let you achieve your most ambitious goals faster. Our coaching programs happen online or in-person​.

Growth Sprint£

Make real progress towards your most important improvement goal. Discover and overturn your hidden challenges together with peers. Improve your self-awareness, authenticity and build stronger relationships.


Discover and practice how to invite and receive feedback that leads to change. Learn what blocks feedback from being accepted and how to overturn it. Develop a powerful practice that helps you and others grow together.

Growth Leadership£

Take your leadership to the next level and create a workplace where everyone can grow in a safe and supported way, achieving greater goals together.

Create Learning Conversations£

Improve your ability to start and engage in meaningful conversations that drive change and adaptation.

The benefits

What is the impact of our approach on your organzation?

Boost Learning Effectiveness£

Spend less time in conventional training away from work. Studies show that more than 70% of growth occurs in the flow of day-to-day work.

Growth Mindset£

Employees who adopt a growth mindset develop more quickly because they’re willing to try new things. They improve their ability to adapt to new challenges more easily. Participants report more openness, trust and transparency after joining our programs. Creating a deeper connection with co-workers and the organization.

Reduce time and costs£

Our programs are scalable and can engage an almost unlimited number of people in their development at once. We are reducing the time and cost of developmental programs significantly.

How we do it

We can’t stop the world from changing, but we can change how you learn, lead, and grow. We know from experience that it is not simply a question of occasionally learning a new skill outside work.

It requires a shift in thinking, acting, and interacting.

 Our approach is radical in that it happens:


We help individuals and teams diagnose and overturn their inner challenges to change. Develop a more effective way of thinking, feeling, and interacting, leading to real progress towards your goals.

Daily at Work£​

Improve in regular small steps, integrated in your day-to-day work. We combine human interaction and technological support that make learning experience engaging and ongoing.


People grow better when they do it together. We create a safe and supportive learning environment that builds deeper connections and trust.

At Scale£

Make progress more quickly when everyone can learn and grow at once, reducing organizational change programs significantly.

To inspire you even more

1 %

says regular peer-learning is more effective than occasional expert teaching

75 %

says the Growth Sprint has helped them to make real progress towards a developmental goal

88 %

is hooked on the grow practice and wants to continue growing and learning together with peers

Our team£

GrowthLab21£ is a team of senior coaches who accelerate the development of individuals and teams, so they can achieve greater goals, faster, and together.

Johan Decoster

Developmental coach, Facilitator

Tine Willemyns


Ineke Hulselmans


Hanane Bardid

Personal Coach

Olga Alexandrova

Embodiment coach, Facilitator

Annie Bordeleau

Programme design and facilitation


To provide you the best possible service, we have an active partnership with the I2A-network. A diverse and international group of experienced facilitators and coaches.

Tasha Belyaeva-Pichugina

UX/Ui designer

Let's talk

Every good collaboration starts with a conversation. Let’s explore your change goals and how you can accelerate your journey.


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